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by Damian Trasler
"Wanna Make a Zom-Com?"
 Fundraising Campaign Statistics
Our campaign is 109% funded from over 50 
" Super Duper Zombie Lovin' " backers 
Vagabond Alley, its production team, friends and family 
helped raise $2730 in one months time
The amount we will be donating to Shunpike Arts Collective = $253.89 (or 10% after fees)
Our net take home to produce this play is: $2285.01
  What this means is we can pay for the marketing materials, the rights, setpieces, props, rehearsal space, and other showrunning expenses.
  It also means we will be able to give a stipend to our team for their efforts.
Thats a huge accomplishment for our little fringe company!
Thank you (our  community) for loving and respecting these theatre artists! 
"Our Undying Thanks"
Pilar O'Connell, Clayton Weller and Pocket Theater, Rob Raas-Berquist, Michael Lee, Julia Nardin, Julie Mains, Erin Brindley, Danielle Gregoire, Wazhma Samizay, Jayson Potter, Mark Siano, Lacy Sarco, Moorea Seal, Cole Hornaday, Grant Knutson, Chrysalis Sabatinos, Nick Terry, Daniel Arreola, Katie Kate, Brittany Carpenter, Alexandra Wright, Bianca de Vita, Kayla Steuart, Jack Mosley, Damian Trasler, Lazy Bee Scripts UK, and Adam Rosand

Our Generous Supporters:
Id1clothing, Saint John's Bar and Eatery, Retail Therapy, the Habit sketch comedy, The Confrontational Theater Project, Sugar Plum Spa, Seattle Public Theater, Rain City Integrative Clinic, Comedy Womb, Copious Love Productions, Mooreaseal.com, D'Arcy Hair Design, Roy Arauz, Josh Kornfeld, Tom Biro, Jason Sharp, Ian Sherman, Renee Roberts, Carly Hess, David Belisle, Carlee Smyth, Stacey Bush, Daniel Arreola, Phoebe Anderson, Heather Wilson, Opal Peachey, Joe Randazzo, Diana Harrison, Beau Prichard, Dan Lane, Lisa Boswell, Joan Jankowski, Eli Simons, Joe Zavadil, Kasey Elizabath Harrison, Katie Woodzick, Agata Budzillo, Rhonda Fields, Megan Ahiers, Liz Cortez, Gianna Craig, Natasha Harrison, Dan Demiczack, Peter Burford, Jessica Westgren, Alber Sucupira, Lauren Milkov, Beth Carman, Rebekah Smith, Mark Siano, Laurie Winograd, Brittany Carpenter, Lisa Viertel, Steve Ansell, David Rollison, Brian Sonnleitner, and Jill Snyder Marr.
"Love in the Time of Zombies" by Damian Trasler has closed!
It was a great run with a wonderfully supportive set of audiences comprised of peers, friends, clients and strangers! Thank you Seattle and watch out for future projects from VAP in addition to the Pocket Theater which has its permanent home now at 8312 Greenwood Ave North!

DECEMBER 18th at 7pm

For "Process at Pocket"
at Pocket Theater in Greenwood
for a reading and feedback panel of Seth Tankus',
 "Untitled Play About Art School"